Saturday, April 30, 2005

I have added two new Flower Photographs Galleries at my website - please take a look.
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Friday, April 29, 2005

Besides my Photography Websites, you can also see my Portfolio at Art & Design Online. Click on the "Link" in my LINKS section.
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A Neon Seascape of Penang Island with Fishing Boats near the Beach.
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Rule of Thirds: As a general rule in photography composition, place your main subject at one of the intersecting (imaginary) lines of the photo frame. It is typically never a good idea to make your subject a 'target' by placing them dead-center! But, like anything else, photography rules were meant to be broken, I say. So, while the "Rule of Thirds" works well, you can always experiment and see what happens! Happy Shooting. ~ Nawfal Nur ~
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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Cats are wonderful creatures!

We have three cats. Why?

But of course, we love cats!

But they are trouble.

In fact, they could be called trouble - all three of them - "Trouble", "More Trouble" and "The Most Trouble"!

Our eldest and wisest cat believes she can go outside anytime she wants. Nope! Don't think so.

We have indoor cats? Why? Because there are about a half-dozen dogs in our 'hood' that love to kill cats - well for that matter - these dogs will kill monitor lizards, squirrels, or anything that they can get their dirty teeth into.

So, we attempt to keep our cats inside. If they go outside, they are escorted and kept on a leash!

Our youngest cat, Aminah Bee, has been the most trouble to me, personally.

Last August, she 'escaped' from the house, decided to run around outside our front gate and met up with three nasty dogs who were tossing her around like a rag doll by the time I discovered she was missing.

Hastily, I scaled the front gate (no time to get the key for the lock), I got my leg hooked up on the top spikes of the gate and in the process I twisted and broke my spine in two places. Nevertheless, I managed to save my cat, even with all the 'TROUBLE' she caused. She ended up with stitches and I broke my back - good one!

In December 04, I had Double Spinal Fusion surgery on my back (L4-L5-S1).

As I said - Cats are wonderful creatures; but, I say we rename all three of our cats to "Trouble", as they always seem to be in "IT."

Please click on the link - it will take you to an article I wrote on "Photographing Pets." It may be helpful to you if you are looking for some useful tips on taking pictures of your pets, or for that matter, any animal portraits. Plus, you can have a look at two of my three trouble-making cats! (And a couple of monkey shots too!)

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Look for Solutions to Problems where the Problem Isn't!

Hale Dwoskins wrote: "The freedom that we inherently are is always closer than our next thought. The reason we miss our freedom is that we jump from thought to thought, from familiar perception to familiar perception, missing what's really happening here and now.

Even when you are working on a particular problem, allow yourself to look for where the problem isn't." (from "The Sedona Method.")

I try to think of fixing photography problems in this way, that is, when I remember to use this good advice.

When shooting a subject, many problems can arise, from: "Good Grief! Why did it have to rain today and this has to be photographed TODAY!" to "I can't believe I dropped my lens in the lake," to "How in the h_ll am I going to shoot this?"

Problems were created to be fixed; and sometimes, you have to backward engineer your methods of solving problems in order to actually solve them and remain "free" (to have peace of mind, live in the here and now, and not let your problems run and ruin your day, your week or your life!)

I've found that sometimes, you have to set aside a problem and move onto something else to work on. By doing this, I've discovered that in many cases, the solutions to the problem come naturally and I don't stress myself out over it so much.

However, humans are human and stress is a part of the game...Yes there are times, many times where I forget to release the problem, and, I fixate on the problem and that does no good!

Well, the point is this: problems arise when taking photographs; but, don't let the problems ruin the experience for you, get it...

If you drop your lens in the lake, then take up underwater photography, LOLOL!

That is for sure, Monty Python Logic - you know - "She's a witch!" "And how do you know she's a witch?" "She's dressed like one...and she has a wart!"

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Things that go BUMP in the night...

I've been awake since 2:50am (roughly) - won't go into the details at this time. Nevertheless, let me go in a round about way of explaining: there are things you see and hear that are real (that's a given - yes, for most people, what we hear and see is most certainly real, has substance, exists). But, there are also things that most of us can't really see, and they may, mind you, also have the ability to make sounds, manipulate objects (etc.), and they too, are just as real to our senses. Believe it or Not - These are the things that go bump in the night.

As an added note: In the world of photography, the above mentioned statement holds true as well. A lot of what you get with photography is flat-out what-you-see-is-what-you-get, documentary and journalistic. And, documentary photography can be stunning! Then, there is the other side of photography, the side where the viewer of a photograph thinks they know what they see; but, in the background, the photographer has created an illusion of sorts, putting parts and pieces together to make something appear real. And, this type of photography is no less stunning and exciting to see, and, to capture.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

I'm Featured at Digimarc...

I was very happy to see my photograph and quote chosen by Digimarc in their "Showcase" section of their new website. If you would like to see the "Showcase" page, then all you need to do is click on this link:

Hello! I guess this is where I Introduce Myself...

Well, hello everyone!
This is my first official blog, well, ever. As you can see from my post title, this is basically an introduction to myself - a little bit about me and where else you can find me on the WEB.
I'm a photographer and you can find me at a couple of places on the Internet:
My Sci-Fi Landscapes Images are represented by and you can purchase Stock and Gallery Prints from them, of my Sci-Fi landscapes.
I've lived in Malaysia now, since 1984. I'm sure I'll have plenty to say about that in upcoming posts as it is definitely different than living in the United States, which is where I am from - Lincoln, Nebraska to be more exact.
Anyway, please come back and see what I'm up to as I hope to keep everyone on my 'list' up-to-date, and, anyone else who would like to keep in touch.