Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Cats are wonderful creatures!

We have three cats. Why?

But of course, we love cats!

But they are trouble.

In fact, they could be called trouble - all three of them - "Trouble", "More Trouble" and "The Most Trouble"!

Our eldest and wisest cat believes she can go outside anytime she wants. Nope! Don't think so.

We have indoor cats? Why? Because there are about a half-dozen dogs in our 'hood' that love to kill cats - well for that matter - these dogs will kill monitor lizards, squirrels, or anything that they can get their dirty teeth into.

So, we attempt to keep our cats inside. If they go outside, they are escorted and kept on a leash!

Our youngest cat, Aminah Bee, has been the most trouble to me, personally.

Last August, she 'escaped' from the house, decided to run around outside our front gate and met up with three nasty dogs who were tossing her around like a rag doll by the time I discovered she was missing.

Hastily, I scaled the front gate (no time to get the key for the lock), I got my leg hooked up on the top spikes of the gate and in the process I twisted and broke my spine in two places. Nevertheless, I managed to save my cat, even with all the 'TROUBLE' she caused. She ended up with stitches and I broke my back - good one!

In December 04, I had Double Spinal Fusion surgery on my back (L4-L5-S1).

As I said - Cats are wonderful creatures; but, I say we rename all three of our cats to "Trouble", as they always seem to be in "IT."

Please click on the link - it will take you to an article I wrote on "Photographing Pets." It may be helpful to you if you are looking for some useful tips on taking pictures of your pets, or for that matter, any animal portraits. Plus, you can have a look at two of my three trouble-making cats! (And a couple of monkey shots too!)


  1. Parents like cats around the world are nothing but trouble! =)

  2. As a parent, having parents and having cats, I would agree - LOLOL!


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