Sunday, May 22, 2005

"Graffiti on an Alien World."

Artist’s Statement:

'Gallery 5' of now has my newest artistic addition - “Graffiti on an Alien World.” You know, have you considered that all these scientists say that math is the universal language? They could be right. However, I also believe that it may be more than likely that art is the universal language amongst all life forms anywhere, in any galaxy. Where there is intelligent life, there is also creativity, no matter the level of intelligence. Look at our own evolution. Didn’t the cave people 10,000 (or more) years ago, create wall paintings? Primitive as they were, these improvisational sketchings on rock walls were "the" artistic creations of the time. The cave wall artists were the Rembrandts of their time. Therefore, I propose that art would be a great way for any race to communicate and share ideas and experiences. Because I believe like that, I came up with the Sci-Fi Landscape Photograph, “Graffiti on an Alien World.” This work will soon be available for purchase from my representative at

(c) 2005 Nawfal Nur ~ All Rights Reserved

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  1. Wow. Those are amazing pictures! Keep up the good work!


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