Monday, May 16, 2005

Peanut Butter is the World's Greatest Food!

Peanut Butter is the world's greatest food! In addition, you know why I can say that. Yeah, that's right friend - it is because of the First Amendment! You got it - that is why. We, ALL AMERICANS, are protected under these Constitutional Amendments because our GREAT, GREAT Political Leaders who drafted these Amendments KNEW, unlike some today, WHY they, and all Americans, in the first place, NEEDED these protections. All these GREAT LEADERS knew all too well what the lack of freedoms created, THAT'S RIGHT, Tyranny! Heavy Handed Politics! If that were not the case, there would have NEVER been a Revolutionary War! Besides that, it's a pretty good photo of peanut butter, wheat bread and a nicely rimmed plate. So, go have some peanut butter and think about your Freedoms as the Great American Leaders originally planned for all Americans, no matter what religion they professed, what ethnic group they were born into, or where on this great Earth they originally came from! If none of this makes a whole lot of sense, well, that’s because it is 12:57 am, 79 degrees F, Humidity is 94% and it actually feels like 85 degrees F. Can’t sleep, yeah, me neither, so that’s why I have decided to discuss Peanut Butter and the 1st Amendment to the Bill of Rights - “hey, doesn’t peanut butter go with everything?”

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