Thursday, May 05, 2005

Say What You Mean!

One of the beautiful things about a 'blog' is that you can darn well almost say anything you want to - well to some degree, and, it should still be in good taste.

I was very, very, very amused and happy to see Roger Hicks' article "A Matter of Opinion" in the 19 February 2005 Edition of AMATEUR PHOTOGRAPHER. This is a great magazine! It has lots of no-nonsense Photography Information by some much respected Photographers who have been in the business, like forever!

Mr. Hicks wrote: 'One wimp asked, quite seriously, whether English pubs were safe - not as places to take pictures, but as places where you might be beaten up and robbed.' Basically, in short, and paraphrased, the gist of the 'opinion' was that if you are such a wimp to worry about your camera equipment to such a degree that you never use it, because it may get damaged, then the equipment you are using probably isn't worth using. I hope I paraphrased that with justice and I hope I didn't stray too far away from any of the main points, but I think that is it.

I totally agree. What good is camera equipment that 1) is never or hardly used because of the slim possibility it "may" get damaged; and 2) what good is camera gear that can't take a bit of abuse?

Many of the best photographs would never have been taken if the photographers, who took them, pampered their equipment too much.

Ever see a photojournalist in a war zone? They have like 50 cameras slung around their necks (just a little exaggerating)!

The fact is this: cameras that get used a lot often get banged around a lot. So it may be worth your while to invest in a camera that is solid if you love taking photographs in places where your camera(s) may be exposed to some banging.

The most solid camera I have is an old, 70's vintage Nikon F and that thing is made out of brass and heavy as hell. It still works too!

As you can see from the dance photograph I just added, that I like taking Stage Photography, although with my bum-back over the last year, I've been a little out of Stage action shooting.

Nevertheless, and getting way off the point here, and this is where the, "you can say just about anything in a blog" comes into effect.

I think it would be totally kick-bu'tay to photograph a Slipknot concert! Yeah, you heard right, Slipknot - and you also heard right - I used the word "bu'tay!"

How often would you get a chance to photograph a 9-member, Freddy vs. Jason mask-wearing metal band? Not often I would think and it would certainly be a different change-of-pace from classical dance, wouldn't it? Plus, the song, "My Plague" rocks! Who knows, hummmmmm, maybe someday? Plus, they are from the great State of

I'm just trying to figure out how I got from the topic, "using your camera equipment" to "Slipknot" came about. See, that's the beauty of a blog!

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