Tuesday, October 04, 2005

It's Been Awhile! My Morning Coffee...

Well, first of all, go get yourself a cup of coffee, ok. Shots like this are NOT as easy as you may think. You may believe that the fewer things in a photograph "should" make it easier to shoot. Well, perhaps, but that is not the entire truth.

You still need to consider composition - "Does it look good?" "Are the elements in the photograph balanced?" "Soft or hard look?"

You still need to consider lighting - "Hummm, shadow ok, or should the lighting be even all around?" "One light, softbox, fill light, reflector, what color, overhead, directional or balanced on each side, back lighting???"

You still need to consider background - "Does the background even matter?" "Can it be edited out or changed using software?" "Does the background clash with the subject or is it complimentary - what effect is needed?"

You still need to consider any SFx you want or need with the main subject, in this case, the coffee - "Do you make bubbles, have steam rising up from the cup, if so, how to do it, do you know, who can you find to make it happen for you if you don't know how to make the special effects?"

You still need to consider additional features - "Do you include a small stirring spoon in the shot?" "Do you add a cube of sugar somewhere?" "Do you want coffee beans scattered about?" "Do you want Juan Valdez drinking a cup of coffee instead? (LOLOL) Or, "Do you simply want it simple, you know K.I.S.S! - Keep It Simple Stupid!" Well, that may or may not be up to you, right, but 'Simple' is good usually!"

You still need to consider if there is need of a human element in the photo - "Do you include a hand?" "Do you include lips sipping coffee?" "Or, do you nix the hand or lip model all together and do a straight-up coffee shot in a nice cup with cool complimentary background?"

So, there you go. A simple cup of coffee photo; or, a boatload of additional questions that need answers before the shooting ever takes place?

Happy Shooting!