Thursday, July 27, 2006

Blue-Steel Guitar Photograph

Good Morning Malaysia (and the rest of the world).

I recently shot photographs at a rock concert, and many of the images ended up in post production as "eXperimental" - one in particular, was a blue-steel toned image of the lead guitarist from the Malaysian rock band, PAKU (English = NAIL); it turned out especially interesting.

The band is really good, in my humble opinion…lots of heavy guitar riffs, fast, loud, and the vocalist style is reminiscent to the sound of Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington, not necessarily the tone or pitch, but a little bit of that style. After seeing PAKU, I would sum the band up as a mixture of something like the music style (genre) of Disturbed and the vocal and stage presence of Bennington. Nevertheless, PAKU has their own originality.

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Blue-Steel Guitar

I’m not surprised that I like PAKU; I listen to heavy rock music like Shadows Fall, Disturbed, Creed, Damage Plan, PANTERA, P.O.D., Drowning Pool, Slipknot and Staind; however, I fully appreciate classic arena rock bands, especially RUSH, BOSTON, Van Halen and Guns N' Roses.

Stage Photography is one of the more difficult types of photographic specialties to go into: this is not only from a business point of view, but also a skill point of view. Stage work can include concerts, dance performances, dramas, and plays - basically any performing art that takes place on stage, inside or outside, using available lighting without flash or any ultra-special equipment. It's similar to sports photography, meaning, you have to be ready for the action at all costs, at all times. However, with sports work, the equipment requirement is very heavy in weight and cost!

Performing Arts Photography is more modest, but no less demanding and difficult. At least now, with digital technology, you can get a fair indication when reviewing your shots ("chimping") that you captured the moment, or, you totally blew it! ARGH! Hate it when that happens!

More often than not, I get the shot I'm going for. Digital film just helps me verify the work quickly and gives me more breathing room. Nowadays, I don't have to worry while the film is developed and printed. More next time....

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