Sunday, July 16, 2006

Title: "Cracked Paint, v.0772" by Nawfal Nur. Again, this is a test to see what is going on with the uploading of images. Each of the Cracked Paint images are in focus and sharp in my photo editing programs, such as Paint Shop Pro and PhotoPlus; however, when loaded up to this blog and others, some images seem very soft, as if they are being optimized on entry to the site. Well, optimizing images to such a degree will certainly mess up the effect of a sharp image. For a Photographer, such as myself, that sort of auto-optimizing can portray images in a poor light and is quite unsettling to me. I put up my images to share with others who like my photography and who want to learn. If my images are "fixed-smaller" on the way during the upload, it does me nor my viewers any good. I just wanted my visitors to realize that if they see a blurry image on my blog, it's not my doing! Thanks for your visit and please come again.
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