Saturday, September 22, 2007

Trishaw Peddler Resting along Lorong Madras

A trishaw peddler rests inside his trishaw along Lorong Madras, Penang, Malaysia. The key to showing the image like this is diligent cropping until I had only the subject showing in the frame. Everything else was distracting to me: A tight crop works well.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Cloaked Figure & Masked Demons, Edit F

Series: "ETHEREAL"
Category: Fine Art
Genre: Smoke Photography

A white cloaked (shrouded) figure among masked demons.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

ESTEE - Deluxe Product Shots with Lots to Think About: Pure Color EyeShadow, Frame 77, Edit C

ESTEE - Deluxe Pure Color EyeShadow.
In my humble opinion - probably one of the toughest subjects to photograph well - and by no means am I saying mine is perfect. Here's what makes this type of shot so tough:

1) Lots of Color. EyeShadow colors: The photo MUST match the real thing.
2) A mirrored subject.
3) A subject with Gold (or Silver) Reflective Surface.
4) A subject with translucent glass or plastic.
5) A subject where texture may be important.
6) To retain and "edge" to the glass or plastic when shooting against white seamless.
This subject has all of those characteristics & requirements.

1) One Systems Imaging, 600 Watt-Seconds Compact Flash with NO Attachments.
2) One 20 Watt Twister Light.
3) One 30 Watt Twister Light.

I kept part of the shadow to retain a little of the 3-D Feel, and made the background seamless.

It ended up with more of a "artsy / painterly" feel to it; and that's OK, but I was actually intending to do a straight Product shot.

Uploaded by fine-grain on 5 Sep 07, 11.36AM MYT.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Purple Jug in the Rain

Purple Jug in the Rain
Originally uploaded by fine-grain.
Purple container in the rain. Some effects in Paint Shop Pro.

I have to give the CANON A620, about 620 Thank You's for being such a great camera, and one that can survive getting wet, and I've gotten it in the rain quite often.

Keep it dry as much as possible. I just make sure I have a very soft, dry cloth with me to wipe off the camera and lens often. But, believe me, it can take some considerable rain abuse, compared, I suppose, to even DSLR's. If I had to shoot a photo in the rain and it was a decision between the A620 and a regular DSLR, and having NO protection for the camera but a dry cloth, I'd choose the A620 hands down! You would think it has weather resistance - but it does NOT! I think it is just sealed pretty darn good.

Shop House at Corner of Lebuh Melaka, Window Details, Edit B

A shop house (a coffee house below and living area above), located at the corner of Lebuh Melaka and Jalan Anson. Penang, Malaysia. This is a window detail shot.

Shop House at Corner of Lebuh Melaka, Edit B

A shop house (a coffee house below and living area above), located at the corner of Lebuh Melaka and Jalan Anson. Penang, Malaysia.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Wild Grasses, v2, Edit B

Wild Grasses, v2, Edit B
Originally uploaded by fine-grain.
Wild Grasses collected here in Penang. Arranged somewhat delicately on the scanner bed glass, and then hit the button. After that, there is, of course, some Brightness/Contrast and dust/dirt adjustments in Photo Impact 10.