Monday, September 03, 2007

Purple Jug in the Rain

Purple Jug in the Rain
Originally uploaded by fine-grain.
Purple container in the rain. Some effects in Paint Shop Pro.

I have to give the CANON A620, about 620 Thank You's for being such a great camera, and one that can survive getting wet, and I've gotten it in the rain quite often.

Keep it dry as much as possible. I just make sure I have a very soft, dry cloth with me to wipe off the camera and lens often. But, believe me, it can take some considerable rain abuse, compared, I suppose, to even DSLR's. If I had to shoot a photo in the rain and it was a decision between the A620 and a regular DSLR, and having NO protection for the camera but a dry cloth, I'd choose the A620 hands down! You would think it has weather resistance - but it does NOT! I think it is just sealed pretty darn good.

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