Friday, December 14, 2007

KRIS, v.1

KRIS, v.1
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This is my Kris. I've never had it analyzed for age, but I believe it must be pretty old. The kris blade (wilah) is wavy and is referred to as "dapor loq". The scabbard is made from whale's bone (most likely) and has an engraved floral and Pegasus motif.

The hilt is more of a mystery. At first, I believed it was "Orang Tua" (Old Man), which is a typical design for the hilt. After closer examination, I believe it looks more like a monkey. This is very possible since some very early Kris come from India. Many of the early Indian immigrant workers probably brought their kris with them and this very well could have Indian origins.

I found the kris in Kelantan, at an antique shop.

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