Saturday, January 30, 2010

Quote of THIS Day!

[1890 – 1976] Real name: Emmanuel Rudnitzky - American painter, sculptor and photographer: 
We asked him whether we could quote him. "Quote me as much as you like; as a matter of fact I don’t even mind if you misquote me !" - Man Ray -[January 1967]

An amazing quote.  I think so because I wish to strive to the point where someone wants to quote me.  And then, I hope that at the point, at that moment in time, I don't care so much if they even misquote me.  It won't matter.  What matters will be that I still love doing photography.  Because I can tell you that prior to this day, this entry...I had reached a pretty dark place with photography and myself.

Nevertheless, after reading this humorous quotation from Man Ray, my spirits have risen.  My soul cleansed slightly.  My purpose less unfocused. 

Momentum is the key to overcoming stagnation and procrastination.  "A rolling stone..." 

I need to be a rolling stone.