Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Best Camera with Me

"Colors in the Grass, v.1"
2010, Penang, Malaysia
Here's a photograph I took with the camera built into my Samsung Phone:  This camera is the one I label, "The Best Camera with Me", Camera.  I've been preaching the benefits of always taking ANY camera with you, ANYWHERE, since 2007.  I practice what I preach.  

It doesn't matter if your camera isn't your 20-pound DSLR with 500mm lens - As long as you have something, anything with you to capture photographs when you see them in your mind's eye, that is what is important.  It is a lot easier (AND BETTER) to have ANY camera with you at ALL TIMES, then you having to sketch the shot you could have taken, because you didn't have a camera with you.

Just something to keep in mind.

This is my 100th Post here, Yeah!  Yippie!  OK, enough excitement.

I'm also celebrating my 100th Post with a perforated and bleeding eardrum - JOY!  

So, this is a shorty blog today.

Just keep the "Best Camera with You" idea in mind.  You may thank me later.