Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kindle for Photo Portfolios - An Idea

Just a thought came to me.  But, the Kindle can read PDF's and PDF's are a great way to show your photography portfolios.  Using Open Office Writer, you can create your portfolios, quickly export as PDF files and then, I'm guessing it is easy to upload to the Kindle.

The Kindle is easy to transport.  PDF Photo Portfolios on the move.  Why NOT!?!  Could be cool!

Update: 2nd Mar 2010.
Been a bit busy lately and only getting to this update.  The Kindle may not work too well after all.  After looking closer at the specs, it only offers a 16-gray scale screen.  HOWEVER, the much joked about iPad has color and is very portable.  Maybe that would be more useful for portable portfolio usage.  If you can get past the name, then there may be some portable usage for photographers in this item.  Another thought on this topic of portable ways to show your portfolio.