Friday, March 19, 2010

DROP, NL4174, v1-NNP

DROP, NL4174, v1-NNP
Originally uploaded by Metal Rain.
DROP, NL4174, v1-NNP

High Shutter Speed, Natural Lighting, Splash Photography.
Image Details:
Shutter Speed=1/800sec.
Exposure Setting=Manual.

Usually, I use fast flash to capture splash photography. However, I decided to use the most powerful light source in our solar system, the HOT SUN! No better way to get fast shutter speeds than to use the Sun as your light source.

It was REALLY HOT however, and I burned my hands in very little time: The one body location I didn't cover with something. Dang! I'll know better next time to wear gloves too.

Uploaded by Metal Rain (Nawfal Nur) on 19 Mar 10, 1.35PM MYT.