Thursday, March 18, 2010

L.B.C., 11 March 2010

L.B.C., 11 March 2010
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You know that tag...that stereotypical tag on pillows that says: "Do not remove this tag"? Not really sure if it really exists, maybe it is a legend. However, if there is a tag on the pillow, it often gets removed anyway, the violator risking whatever penalty that may befall them for removing the "legendary tag."

Well, the same ideal exists in the legend, "Do not use a Canon Flash on a Nikon Body, or....." Or what? Your camera will explode; the camera will short circuit; the camera will melt; and, so many other threats the manufacturers tell you IF you EVER try this trick.

Well, I finally, after many, many years, I tried this exact and horrifying thing. I attached my Canon Speedlite to a Nikon DSLR body, and it worked. This is a photo I took with this combo.

Of course, some of the options may not function because of the different pin-structure in the hot-shoe compared to the pin-structure on the flash unit, but I put the camera on M-MODE, and I took some shots. I adjusted the shutter speed a little and a great cat headshot was the result.

This is a vertical shot and I tilted the head of the flash at the ceiling and I got a cool highlight in the eyes.

Fear Not! Try it and you may be surprised too. I will probably do it again.

HOWEVER, if your camera does explode, melt, crumble, self-destruct, deteriorate, perform less well, discombobulate, or turn colors and start on fire, don't blame me, I take no responsibility for irresponsible acts of experimentation with photography equipment. You are doing any irresponsible testing on your own will...and it can be quite fulfilling.